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Compass Philosophy

Compass Project Management, LLC was founded on the principle that successful projects result from a deliberate process of developing the best plan, assembling the most qualified team, and committing to excellence in execution from concept to closeout.

Three attributes underpin the Compass Philosophy

Project Leadership

Project Leadership is the vision, temperament and experience to interpret and deliver on the client’s goals. By understanding and effectively communicating the client’s strategy and mission, the project leader empowers the team to make sound decisions, always in the best interest of the client, creating a successful outcome.


Collaboration is the practice of a series of specific skills that focuses the project team’s attention to desired results and provides the process under which the group shares information and resources. Often misunderstood as a “soft” skill or attitude, effective collaboration can be learned and is the product of conscious and intense preparation.

Shared responsibility

Shared responsibility is the recognition that all members of a project team are accountable and responsible for the success of a project. The actions, or inactions, of discrete members of the team can have a lasting positive, or negative, effect on the outcome of the project.