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David Mindess School Ceremony thubmnail

David Mindess School Ceremony

June 29, 2022
Flansburgh Architect’s Video of the “Beam Raising Ceremony” at the David Mindess Elementary School

The David Mindess Elementary school in Ashland, MA has begun its construction process. The school originally opened in 1954 and is now scheduled for a new facility to open in 2023. Michael Quinlan, Senior Project Manager for Compass Project Management, LLC commented “Many of these projects are 4-5 year commitments for us and taking a moment to not only recognize the hard work by so many, but to remind ourselves who we’re doing this for is extremely rewarding!” Compass is serving as Owner’s Project Manager for this Town of Ashland school project.

To learn more about this project and its updates please continue to the Project’s Portfolio page.

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