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David Mindess Elementary School

Elementary Schools

Address: 90 Concord St. Ashland, MA

Square Footage: 104,885 GSF

Type of Project: New Construction

Designer: Flansburgh Architect, Inc.

Contractor/CM: Shawmut Design and Construction

Date of Completion: School Opening August 2023 / Project Completion May 2024

Project Cost: $84.4M

Compass is serving as Owner’s Project Manager for the Town of Ashland school project. Ashland has been invited by the MSBA into a feasibility study phase to consider two enrollments for a replacement school. The two enrollments include addressing the existing population in grades 3 – 5 and also exploring the option of bringing up grade 2 as part of an expanded elementary school. Compass assisted the Town in evaluating options to determine if new construction or addition/renovation was the best solution. The Town has decided to move forward with new construction.

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