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University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Science and Engineering Building

Colleges / Universities
Lab and Science Buildings

Address: 285 Old Westport Road, North Dartmouth, MA

Square Footage: 184,619

Type of Project: Existing Building Renovation and Systems Upgrade

Designer: Ellenzweig

Contractor/CM: Shawmut Design and Construction

Date of Completion: June 2022

Project Cost:  $45,000,000 Construction Cost 33,668,727

Compass is serving as Owner’s Project Manager for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Science And Engineering (SENG) Building Systems Upgrade Project. This Upgrade Project will address high priority critical repairs to building systems that are reaching the end of their useful life cycle. The work will also provide upgrades to building infrastructure systems that will support future program-related upgrades and renovations. The Upgrade Project will address urgently needed repairs and upgrades to the building envelope, roof, curtainwall, HVAC system, new switch gear, fire alarm and fire sprinkler system and building accessibility. This renewal project will correct a large backlog in deferred maintenance and in accessibility improvements needed to reset the facility and allow for future unencumbered programmatic renovations. It is phased over 18 months to allow the building to remain 2/3 occupied during construction.

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